Sunday, March 14, 2010

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“I feel like I’ve contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement in America, and if anyone wants to argue that, I’m open to it. You’re welcome, Advocate.”

- Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes, better known as the effervescent Jack McFarland from the wildly popular 1990s sitcom Will & Grace, has finally come out of the closet.

Remembering his hyper-gay character, some may be surprised to learn that he wasn’t officially “out” already. But what we forget is that the celebrity culture in the 1990s was a lot different than it is today. (Whatever you think of him, John Mayer had a point in his Playboy article when he basically said that there is a disconnect between 90s celebs, like Jennifer Aniston, and today’s celebs, like himself. People from the 90s despise the media and are huge fans of privacy, while today’s artists have hit the tweets instead to become the media and control what is said about them.)

Like Neil Patrick Harris pre-How I Met Your Mother or White Collar’s Matthew Bomer today, Harris didn’t want to declare his sexuality on the record during Will & Grace for fear of breaking Hollywood’s glass closet only to have the pieces slash through his career’s carotid artery. And the prospect of speaking about it still perturbs him, thanks in part to an Advocate article that made him hate the gay media.

To this day he feels burned by a story that ran in this magazine in anticipation of the series finale of Will & Grace. Titled “Sean Hayes: The Interview He Never Gave,” the one-page “Q&A” was a clip job of quotes he’d given to other publications through the years that made him look rather silly for pretending no one knows he’s gay. Hayes’s sexuality had become an open secret in Hollywood, but he’d refused repeated offers to be inter­viewed by the magazine, and the then-editors of The Advocate felt entitled to the real story. Understandably, that didn’t sit well with Hayes. “Really? You’re gonna shoot the gay guy down? I never have had a problem saying who I am,” he states.

He’s right, too. Did he really have to go on record in a magazine interview saying it then? It wasn’t enough that he was willing to portray a flamboyant gay character on television during an era where this country was even less gay-friendly than it is today? And can we not theorize that Will & Grace, despite its stereotypes, helped normalize the gay community to many, many people?

Either way, Hayes was brave then and brave now. Kudos to you, Sean. (And if you’re in New York, go see him on Broadway in Promises, Promises alongside Kristin Chenoweth!)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Britney Spears Buys Herself A *PIMP* New Ride

Is her Dad still handling her monthly allowance?

I wonder if my Dad would give me a $150K allowance for a Maserati also?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

$19 Million in Attorney Fees So Far in Dodger Owner's Divorce

You thought your attorney fees were high! Frank and Jamie McCourt’s divorce could become one of the costliest splits in California history, with attorneys and accountants commanding as much as $19 million in fees — more than the Dodgers will spend on their starting infield this season.CEO and Owner of the Dodgers, McCourt

Frank McCourt has estimated his “divorce-related expenses” at $5 million to $10 million, according to court filings. Jamie McCourt has estimated her expenses at $9 million — and asked that her estranged husband be ordered to pay them.

Although records of salaries and statistics are omnipresent in baseball, specific information about divorce costs is largely unavailable. The Times consulted with several family law experts, none of whom could recall a divorce costing $19 million.

“I’m pretty sure there’s not been any litigation in a California divorce where they’ve spent so much on attorneys’ fees,” said Lynn Soodik, a Santa Monica family law attorney who represented Meg Ryan in her divorce from Dennis Quaid.

Soodik said it was “very unusual” that each of the McCourts has retained multiple law firms. Seven lawyers appeared in court last month for a hearing on whether to postpone the trial date, on the same day other lawyers in the case were said to be conducting a deposition of Jamie McCourt.

Connolly Oyler, another Santa Monica attorney with experience in celebrity divorces, said a total cost of $5 million would be “consistent with most high-profile cases.”

Even though we are talking a high profile case here, the amount of attorney fees might seem high for even this case. However, when you look at the fact that Mr. McCourt owns over 33 entities with countless financial documents to review, one can see how quickly the fees might add up. In Southern California where the jurisdiction for this divorce is located, attorneys charge from $250 and hour to $700 an hour and a “simple” divorce can run $10,000. Britney Spears recent divorce from Kevin Federline is reported to have cost $835,000 and we all know how contentious that case started out.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

OMG I hate this song!

Britney Spears‘ new boyfriend Jason Trawick may be her number one fan (and her agent) but that doesn’t mean he’s a fan of her music.

The 39-year-old showed up to Paris Hilton’s birthday party minus Brit the other day and was overheard badmouthing his girlfriend’s musical talents while chatting to other party guests.

“Jason arrived with a male friend but was definitely enjoying himself until DJ Mr. Best threw on Britney Spears’s song ‘Toxic’,” a source told Fox News.

“When the song came on the first thing out of Jason’s mouth was, ‘OMG I hate this song!’

“His friends all laughed and continued to talk, but he interrupted them by saying, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t hear what you’re saying over her voice’. He wasn’t laughing.”


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Which UK Act How Now Cracked America?

Let me give you a clue.

He’s pretty much an all-rounder when it comes to music: he sings, produces and writes songs both for himself and other artists including Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Shane Ward, Britney Spears, Brandy, Justin Timberlake, Sugababes, Tinchy Stryder and Cheryl Cole.

He’s probably one of the most talented music artists the UK has to offer in that sense.

He released his debut album ‘Departured’ in 2008 and since then has released one more album, been nominated for a MOBO award and won a BRIT award.

Some of his tracks include, “I Just Wanna Know”, “Moving On”, “Come On Girl” and “She’s Like a Star”.

Yep thats right, its Taio Cruz.

Mr Cruz released ‘Break Your Heart’ in the UK in September 2009 and it topped the charts for 3 weeks.

He’s now recorded a remix of the hit with US-rapper Ludacris and its just topped the iTunes chart in America.

After hearing the news, he wrote on his Twitter, “Thanks everyone who has bought ‘Break Your Heart’ in the US. You’ve made it Number 1.”

Have a listen to the track that America’s going mad for,

So things are going really well for Taio at the moment but I bet Cheryl Coles management are kicking themselves right now. Taio Cruz told MTV News,

‘I wrote a couple of songs for Cheryl Cole, and Break Your Heart was one of them, Stand Up was another one, which is on her album, but we sent both of the songs to her record label and we didn’t really hear back from them.

We just thought if they’re not going to get back to us, we’ll just carry on moving so I took it back, and changed the verses and made it work for a guy and then put it out.’

They came back to us like later and were like “oh that Break Your Heart song, I’ve been listening to it on my ipod it’s really cool! We would definitely like that for Cheryl.

We were like ‘that’s gonna be kinda difficult now, cos it’s all over the radio and we shot a video for it and everything’ so that was quite funny.’

Have a listen to Taio’s next release for the UK called ‘Dirty Picture’ featuring Ke$ha,

Congrats Taio! Keep doing it for the UK :)

xo :)


Circus Nominated for "International Album Of The Year" - Juno Awards 2010


The E.N.D. Black Eyed Peas Interscope*Universal

Circus Britney Spears  Zomba*Sony

Only By The Night Kings Of Leon RCA*Sony

I Dreamed A Dream Susan Boyle Simcoe*Sony

Fearless Taylor Swift Big Machine/Open Road*Universal



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 1990's Research - Challenge 1

After looking into various decades I have decided to base my work upon the 1990’s. My reason for choosing this is because I feel I have the most interest in this decade and I think for a project it will work well. As I am into music I think that too will tie in with this. Below are just some of the well known things which took place in the 90’s including Music, Films, Fashion and Events.

Music, boy bands: Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Aaron Carter, Spice Girls, Mandy Moore. Also Nirvana, Slipknot, Eminem, Nelly, P Diddy, Tupac, Green Day, Beck, Marilyn Manson, Whitney Houston, TLC, the macarena. Destiny’s Child!

TV Shows: Malcolm in the Middle, Anything on Nickelodeon, Lizzie McGuire, MADtv, Fresh Prince of Belair, Sister Sister, Full House, Friends, Boy Meets World, The Daily Show, Seinfeld, Whose line is it anyway, Pokemon, COPS, Jerry Springer, Frasier, Martin, Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven

Movies: Titanic, The Karate Kid, Jerry MaGuire, Home Alone, Lion King, Sixth Sense, Mrs. Doubtfire, You’ve Got Mail, Forest Gump, Scream, Jurassic Park, Adam Sandler stuff, Matrix, Fight Club , Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scisscorhands, Appollo 13 . Friday.

Fashion: Overalls, snap bracelets, scrunchies, mary jane shoes, shirts that showed your belly button,wearing baseball hats backward,choker bracelets, mood rings, jelly bracelets, ripped jeans

Something else for us to look back on is advertisement and how that has changed! From looking at Fashion poster advertisements we can see this straight away. We can see this looking at the colours that were used, Hair styles, the actual clothes and the poses of the people in the photographs.